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iFocus - Stylish voltage adjustable wax atomizer pen

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Update time : 2017-07-12 11:49:00

Incredable levels of power and technology collide to create the iFocus wax vape pen that ffers impeccable design , variable voltage, and come with efficient heating elements.

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User-friendly Design

The iFocus wax vaporizer is smooth and has an elgant look finish.Three colors optional, Black, White and Silver, make it more fashion and easily to meet different preference. Lucury pen shape light weight design make it possible to carry it in your pocket or hand.

Powerful Performance

iFocus wax pen features a clean quartz chamber with fast heating Gr2 Titanium coils. Which is best suited for lower viscosity concentrates, heavy heaters,maitain pure flavor and impressive effciency.The deep quartz chamber letting you take bigger dabs and puff thicker clouds without losing wax/concentrate that has dripped down. Besides quartz as a more inert material, which can reduces any sort of residual taste that can occur,improve the flavor.

Moreover , this innovative vaporizer contains a powerful variable voltage 320mAh rechargeable battery that allows user has the ability to controy the density of the vapor, just need a clockwise twist.

Competitive Wholesale Price

Factory direct supply wholesale price, less than 12USD , make it more attactive for customers.

Are you exiting to enjoy the purest wax flavor with this stylish pen? Don't hesitate to contact us for order.

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