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The Ceramic Electronic Cigarette

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Update time : 2016-07-05 17:04:00

As we knew, more and more e cigarette users are loves to use the Ceramic style electronic cigarette. Do you know why? What it made with? Let’s see more.


The Ceramic Electronic Cigarette made with the Precision ceramic material. The ceramic use special kaolin, after grinding, sifting, it becomes semi-liquid, thermoforming…so on such program, and then High temperature sintering.


The pure ceramic durable, health and environmental protection, also looks very fashion.

At the same time, there are many different style ceramic style e cigarettes in the market. Also show us different vaping taste. It can for wax, dry herb or CBD.

Let's look at an example as below:

Mr. Bald II tank, the coil made with the ceramic. 3s fast heating element ceramic plate, no exposing coil, baking style. The tank owns 0.5ohm support 19-27w for dry herb and wax. Show you the pure vaping. It’s the one top selling tank in the market.


The Newest Mr. Bald T tank heating coil and the base all made with the pure ceramic. It looks High-end and it also the first exclusive starting Touch Point element designed High-end Technology vaporizer. It’s the first design and cool invention in the e cigarette market. The tank owns 0.3ohm support 19-30w for wax, dry herb and CBD. It’s very pure baking vaping e cigarette that you can’t imagine.


Follow the fashion, take it home and enjoy the best vaping. LOL

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