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CHIC multi-function atomizer

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If you like the pure herb or wax flavor , look no further than the CHIC vaporizer from Longmada.

*Advanced Heating Elements 

 Three type of wickless heating chambers,  this vape kit give you more freedom of choice.
Q: Holeless quartz chamber support 30-35W, best suit for lower viscosity concentrates.

-The most inert quartz, reduces any sort of residual taste that can occur,pure taste

 -Flat bottom quartz chamber, evenly heating , fully vaporization.

-One-piece whole thing, no hole, no leakage, no splash ,no waste

B: Black ceramic touch-point heating chamber support 18W,perfect for wax/concentrate oils.

- Most natural material , clean and health

- Patented touch point heating technoloy, heating evenly, fully vaporization, no waste

- Fast heat up, you don't need to wait too long to enjoy the pleased vaping experience

- Deep heating chamber,large capacity ,no spil , no waste, and longer duration of enjoy

C: White ceramic heating chamber  support 30-35W, perfect for dry herb

- 360 degree ceramic heating chamber , evenly and balanced heating , fully vaporization

- Covection technology, 100% no combustion, only release the most natural and smooth vapor

- Heat up faster than other baking vaporizers the market, more efficient, save your time.


-Discreet design, keep thing in low key

-Three colors optional(Black, Gold, Silver), more fashionable and easily meet different prefrence.

-Light weight(33g),portable size(Φ22x H55mm ) ,perfect for on-the-go use


-Factory direct supply, more competitive price, less than $10, which is more acceptable for general customers

The CHIC kit include one vaporizer, one heat-insulation o-ring ,one dab tool, one cleaning brush .

You can freely choose the chamber you like, you can also buy the extra heating chambers for different requirement.

Are you excited to test it?

Just visit the website to know more details and place order.



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