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E-HERB with Black-eye ceramic bucket coil

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The Mr Bald 3 is a 510 threaded device that is 22mm in diameter. The atomizer base is made of stainless steel and accepts coils that use a proprietary threading which has very wide threads. The base doubles as a heatsink and features 6 sets of 2 airflow holes along its side. The side airflow holes allow air to come up through the coil, this allows for fast cool down time if you take a few passive draws, and for lower temp use. The base features 2 thick black o-rings which hold a glass top cap in place. The top cap is made of thick glass and fits nicely on the base. The mouthpiece setup is unique on this device as well, there is a metal mouthpiece with a trumpet shaped air flow tube that extends down and sits just above the coil when installed. The metal mouthpiece has 2 orings on it that hold a glass mouthpiece in place that covers the metal one. Beneath the glass adapter on mouthpiece there are 6 air flow holes. When I first seen the top cap I thought the metal mouthpiece was glued in place, and I was happy to find that it is fit in place with a nut that sits inside the dome. This airflow / mouthpiece design works well but I find that it’s best to not mess with the mouthpiece too much because it is hard to tighten or loosen it from the nut that’s inside the top cap. I really enjoy the airflow on this device. The way the top air flow is set directly above the bucket coil delivers great vapor production and the air flow directly above the bucket allows for the bucket to vaporize much more of the load at once than other bucket designs.
Top airflow holes
Atomizer with view of bottom airflow holes
The device i received came with 1 style of coil - the Black-eye ceramic bucket. The ceramic in this bucket is not porous like fc2000 but instead it is just black colored non porous ceramic. The bucket sits on top of 2 ceramic rods that heat up and transfer heat into the bucket. Unlike other bucket atomizers with removable buckets this bucket is not removable and is insulated with a nickel film insulation between the coil wall and the bucket wall. The coils heat up so fast and hold temp really well and I suspect that the insulation plays a big role in the heat retention. I have used quite a few other bucket atomizers and they never seem to perform as well with a top cap design as they do with a bubber design with an open top. Other atomizers with buckets all work best if you heat the coil for 10 seconds before dropping the dab in, putting the top cap on and then drawing off the device. This method works exceptionally well with this device as well, however the method I have found eliminates that warm up time. You just to drop a dab into the bucket cold, place top cap on, warm it up for 3 seconds and start drawing. The flavor this produces is actually some of the most flavorful dabs I have taken and the clouds it produces are thick and large. To compare, when i use this method on other buckets i get wispy vapor at best.
Bottom airflow holes on coil
Coil with view of nickel film
Top view of coil
Image of trumpet design
The recommended wattage for the Blackeye coils is 10-18 watts. I use the buckets at the recommended max of 18 watts and i q-tip the bucket after each use to keep it clean and tasty. I own many bucket coils and I q-tip after each dab on every one of them. After hitting other buckets there is a lot of reclaim on each q-tip that was not vaporized. With the black eye i don’t get nearly as much oil on the q-tip as with others, it is more just coloration on the qtip. This is because a larger portion of the bucket is reaching a high temp and vaporizing the oil than other buckets. One drawback to the blackeye is the inability to load a large portion. The device can vaporize a good sized dab at once, and you can load enough to take a few hits before reloading, It however is not designed for large loads. For best results stick to loading this after every 1 - 2 hits. There is a risk of spilling the oil from the bucket if you tilt the device too far when hot and loaded. (overloaded is really when it’s an issue) I had this happen one time when i for sure overloaded it and the oil landed on the inside of the dome. The only other drawback that comes to mind with this device is that the top cap is not made of metal. The glass they used is very thick and strong but i am prone to breaking glass.
Performance with dry herb
This device also works great with dry herb. I do not consume much flower but I do always have some on hand and t
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