Wax vaporizer

Lighto non-porous Black bucket wax vaporizer

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Update time : 2017-11-23 17:23:00

Lighto wax vaporizer - the newest member to Longmada family.

Stylish design!

Portable discreet design , only 19mm in diameter, make it perfect for 0n-the-go use. The cool looking LED light, make it more fashion .

Less power consuming!

It come with a rapid heating ceramic wickless heating chamber, using ceramic metallization process, heat up fast, only need 4 seconds to 450F(232C)at only 18W.

Offering the purest taste!

Full ceramic heating chamber , no exposing coil, fully vaporization, no burnt flavor, only release the purest taste.

Private customize mouthfeel!

Adjustable bottom airflow, you can adjust the airflow as your preference, enjoy the most comfortable mouthfeel.

If you like the pure flavor of wax , then you shouldn't miss this item.

Pls feel free to contact me for order.


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