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Magnetic Mouthpiece ----360 Degree Chic 2 in 1 Baking Atomizer

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Update time : 2017-08-17 17:16:00

longmada Chic atomizer is adopt convection tech glass wire-free chamber use for wax and dry herb .It come with glass heating coil and 360 degree 2 in 1 baking which heat up your wax ,oils and dry herb evenly in a closed glass heating coil or ceramic heating chamber , can reducing the emission of aroma.

At the same time , it designed top airflow path , reduce smooth and rich vapor, bring a clean and smooth vaping life for you .

Specification :

*0.4ohm-0.6ohm support 30-35W
*Product Size:Φ22x H55mm
*Chamber Size:Φ10 mm x H17mm
*Material: Quality Ceramic+ Metal


*Convection tech quartz or ceramic wire-free chamber
*360 Degree Baking Vaporizer
*Magnetic Mouthpiece, easy to use
*Top Airflow Path
*Fully Vaporization

Package include :

* 1 x CHIC Vaporizer
* 1 x Silicone ring
* 1 x Dabber
* 1 x Cleaning Brush

If you like it please bring it home now . The chic baking vaporizer will offer you wonderful vape life . Do not miss it.

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