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The first generation of e-cigarettes was very low-power in case of battery, material, and gadgets, they did not perform better than the currents personal vaporizers. However, the second generation of e-cigarettes made many people's decision changed. Ego's improved a lot of caliber in the world of vaping. In spite of all this there were few who wanted to modify more and more. They started to accommodate longer and powerful batteries and highly resisted atomizers, and better cartomizers and tanks. And that was probably the beginning of electronic mods.

Since then, the modding is growing day by day and had made a great name in the stock market. In the past few years, there were some of the people who were really much known of the technical use and fiddling with regular electronic cigarettes and they tried to improve it, but now we have dozens of companies and brands who are specializing high-performance e-cigarette mods. Personal vaporizers like MFT, Vamo or Tesla are becoming highly repudiated with their advanced features of vaping and they have made a huge number of the following list all around the world.

Basically, mods took place because the vapers wanted always bigger and better stock in future. And probably MFT mods are one of them. They are full of different features having customizable options, long battery life, and the very amazing thing is that they produce boost of vapors. They are much longer heavier and profitable than regular electronic cigarettes and are very different from the regular shaped e-cigarettes.

Basically, there are two main branches of e-cigarettes mods that are mechanical mods and variable voltage mods. Mechanical mods, as the name suggestions, having no electronic switches, chips or regulators, relying completely on mechanical components and the voltage of whatever battery is used. The very major benefit of MFT electronic mods is that they are very durable and reliable in battery timing and everything due to the absence of electronic components. The first generation of smart e-cigarettes is variable voltage mods. There is a very strong function in these mods, they permit users to change the battery voltage output as the amount of temperature of vapor in device could be maintained Besides that they have number of other features that are very helpful like LED displays that show battery level and number of puffs taken, along with that the other feature is a software that allows vapers to upload usage information on their computers, mac books or tablets through blue tooth.

When e-cigarette mods were discovered first, a lot of people raised questions about its safety, since there was no rule issued for the safety of electronic mods at that time but when they became more usable and were adopted by number of the highly reputed companies that offered guarantees and safeties than people started relying on it. By the way if you are planning to buy a mod, you are highly recommended to obtain MFT electronic cigarette mod that is tried and true model.

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