Wax vaporizer

Say bye to Wax waste / wax leakage/ too hot hits

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Update time : 2016-06-10 14:05:00

This new coming Mr. Bald T portable wax smoking atomizer is not a big puff device, but rather a new fashion efficient wax vaping device. A small drip of wax can use longer if you have this device.
Also allows you to be extra stealthy when you don’t want to blow out big clouds.

While the traditional market still has an eye on quartz rods & ceramic plate,
longmada started their own way to solve 2 headaches: The wax leakage & surface too hot.
It's not a ceramic plate, but a wire-free heating bowl, one-piece, like the coffee cup you use, the most beautiful is the simplest.

Resistance 0.3 ohm
Fit for dry herb & Wax
Battery 19-27 w mod Non TC / IMR battery
Material Pure ceramic+ 304 Food grade stainless steel+ Pyrex glass
Thread 510
Feature 1 One-piece ceramic heating cup seamless
Feature 2 Touch point connection, eliminating all wires/ glue/hole
Feature 3 Full ceramic heating element, full ceramic structure

Benefit 1 Enjoyable purest taste
Benefit 2 No leakage, no wax waste

Advantage 1 Easy changing heating coil
Advantage 2 Easy clean, free from re-heating the same oils over and over
Advantage 3 Good heat insulation, surface temperature below 120F
Advantage 4 Simple operation

Our prices are as low as we can make them. But certainly we put your health in the first priority, what we use is pure ceramic, pure stainless steel material, what else can be even greater? All of them are non-reactive, ensure you get the most natural concentrates taste.

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