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The Electronic Cigarette market

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Update time : 2016-07-05 17:12:00

The Electronic Cigarette, with the look and taste like cigarettes, is a non-burning cigarette substitute products, the main principle is to provide energy by the lithium battery, the atomized mist of smoke oil use. And the biggest difference between traditional cigarettes, is without combustion, no tar, carbon monoxide, nitrous acid and other toxic substances, it does not produce second-hand smoke. Now the domestic electronic cigarette consumption is still at the initial stage of development, lack of uniform industry standards. Electronic Cigarette has been more popular in Europe and America. Now the e cigarette as a trend exists in the world.


With the needs of the users, it was also very rapid product updates. From the Cigar, disposable e cig, pen style e cigarette, mini vapor pen, big vapor mech mod e cigarette vaporizer to the newest Ceramic style vaporizer e cig. It takes a long time. The Developers still work hard on these. And meet the market need. This is a very large project and R & D.

Let’s look forward to the next.


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