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Electronic cigarette users have to believe that it is composed of mainly three parts i.e battery, cartridge, and e-liquid.

E-liquid commonly is called e-juice and considered as the fuel of the e-cigarette. It is the base as it contains all the flavoring and other material. It is vaped when e-liquid becomes vapor to be inhaled. There are an almost uncountable amount of e-liquid flavors that one can choose and enjoy.

E-liquid does not mean all about its different flavors but also different amount of nicotine as well. The strength of the liquid is also figured in mg of nicotine per mm of liquid. There is also a level box below through which one can see the measurement and all information. It is not stopped here there is a lot to know more about this. If you purchase a starter kit that is recommended to the first time users, it contains e-liquid. But you have to replace this part of e-liquid frequently.

This part of an electronic cigarette is having different names. Cartridge, Cartomizer, tank, clearomizer and seldom any of those two words connected. But they all works same accordingly their function is not different. It is the part that grasps the reservoir of e-liquid and facilitates you to vape and enjoy.

There is a small part inside the cartridge commonly called atomizer through which one can vaporize. As one is vaping his e-cig, the cartomizer transfers liquid into the atomizer. One should pick up a good variety of cartridge as it is replaced for a time to time the good quality of cartomizers stays long life so quality matters on you.

The battery is the last part of an e-cigarette, obviously a very important part of e-cigarette that provides all the power to maintain and generate the atomizer and vaporize the e-liquid. There are many functions of the battery and different varieties of a battery are at stock, they are fairly straightforward. Here also it matters on quality the bigger the battery, the stronger and longer it's going to finish and the more performance in the vaping production also. Few people prefer different types of e-cigarettes to get experience one after another. Some people prefer the very small e-cigarettes because they need to imitate the tobacco cigarette experience. Some prefer the larger style because they are fond of a bit larger and as mentioned before the longer size, and battery life. Some models even permit you, to maintain how much life you like your battery to release when you are on the process. So it matters all on your point of view and your choice.

These all three are the parts of an e-cigarette which runs it and makes you enjoy through vaping, as flavor of e-cigarette is considered a part of it somewhere, but flavor does not have any function or working process it just makes a good odor and smell.

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