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Transparent High-heat resistant quartz chamber

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Update time : 2020-09-04 11:12:32
The Longmada Motar vaporizer kit is an advanced 510 threaded attachment that utilizes a pure quartz heating chamber with the original Longmada powerful 100W Trunk battery to quickly heat thick concentrates with the touch of a button.
With a full grasp of below highlights of it, you will feel ensure to get one right now!
Transparent High-heat resistant quartz chamber
because of the tiny quartz glass linear expansion coefficient, the Motar quartz chamber is of high resistance to thermal shock resistance.
When heating the tansparent quartz glass in the furnace under 1100 ℃ for 15 minutes, and then put it into the cold water, it can withstand 3 to 5 times' cycle not burst; Quartz glass has a high softening point, transparent quartz glass with  1730 ℃, so the continuous use temperature of quartz apparatus of is 1100 ℃ -1200 ℃. Also, it can be used in 1450 ℃ for a short period of time.
Full glass vapor path, cleaner health vapor hits
The motar wax vaporizer whole design with quartz chamber and glass dome just looks decent and environmentally-clean. The innovative quartz chamber is a one-piece flat bottom oil container,ensuring non-contact between coil and your favorite materials, releasing a delicious and natural quality of flavor.
Wax loading/ cleaning is super easy.
Replacing chamber is easy, too.
What's more, Longmada Motar full quartz heating chamber is replaceable by counter-clockwise screwing off it from the base, allowing you to simply replace one when it dies out rather than buying an entirely new attachment.

Large capacity ever, fast heating.

Longmada manufacturers this premium 510 attachment to withstand high amounts of power, seeing best results within the range of 30-45W. With a high supported output range and it's extremely deep/wide glass quartz heating chamber you will be able to enjoy large quantities of material during each session with ease.

Cool your vapor down, smooth hits
Motar full quartz chamber vaporizer allows for a fast heating speed, making it possible for you to enjoy full flavor without waiting. But wait, does your aroma get chance to cool before inhaling?  
Longmada plans for this by incorporating a whirl-pool alike glass top cap with extended stem that will cool your aroma and ensure it has enough time to diffuse before reaching your lungs.
Besides, you also can choose the specially desinged water filtration bubbler for Motar, it's a bit bigger than the whirl-pool alike glass dome, but surely will cool your vapor down to a greater extent, meanwhile get you a more smooth hits.

Heat sink protecting battery life.
Below the glass quartz element there is a stainless steel base that features a built-in heat sink that will reduce the Trunk battery from getting hot allowing you to take longer, extended sessions without burning yourself in the process.

Features & Specs
· Universal 510 Thread Attachment for Thick Concentrates, wax, resins
· Element Embedded Beneath Glass Quartz Heating Dish
· Pure Glass Construction Delivers Delicious Natural Flavor Quality
· Three Detachable Parts Makes Cleanings a Breeze
· 100% Removable/Replaceable Heating Element Design
· Designed for High Output Use: Sees Best Results within 30-45W
· Premium All Glass Top Cap with long stem
· Innovative 22mm Attachment Base with Built-in Heat Sink
· 1 x Glass Top Cap with Extended Mouthpiece
· 1 x 22mm Attachment Base with Heat Sink
· 1 x Glass Quartz Heating Dish
· 1 x Mini Stainless Packing Tool
We have 1 warm notes for you: Glasses are fragile goods, the mouth piece must be handled with care all times (otherwise it will get damaged). Wait until the glass is cool down, finger on the glass dome bottom, carefully rotate it from the bottom;
Additional Information:
Always speak to your healthcare provider before vaporizing any substance.
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