Longmada Mrbald 3 Vape Pen: Your All-in-One Vaping Solution

Longmada Mrbald 3 Vape Pen: Your All-in-One Vaping Solution

Experience the ultimate in versatility and performance with the Longmada Mrbald 3 Vape Pen, a sleek and powerful device that redefines what's possible in a single vaping solution.

Superior Materials & Design:

  1. High-Quality Materials: Built from premium materials including 304 stainless steel, pyrex glass, and quality ceramic/quartz components, the Mrbald 3 assures durability, purity, and excellence in every puff.

  2. Compact Size: With dimensions of Φ22x H66mm and a weight of 43g, the Mrbald 3 is easy to carry and use wherever your day takes you.

  3. Wide Range of Heating Chambers: The Mrbald 3 offers a myriad of heating chambers to cater to your vaping preferences:

    • Full Ceramic Chamber for Herb: Perfect for those who prefer the natural flavors of dry herbs, this chamber ensures even heating and maximum vapor production.
    • Double Layer Ceramic Structure for Wax (Options B & C): These chambers feature a double layer ceramic structure, providing powerful and efficient heating for your favorite waxes.
    • Wickless Quartz Chamber for Wax: This chamber offers unparalleled purity and efficient heating, making it perfect for wax concentrates.
    • One-Piece Black Ceramic Chamber for Herb or Wax: Versatile and user-friendly, this chamber can be used for both dry herbs and wax concentrates, making it an all-in-one solution.
    • Ceramic Chamber with Vacuum Quartz Rod for Herb: Featuring a vacuum quartz rod inside a ceramic chamber, this option offers efficient and even heating for dry herbs.

Enhanced Performance Features:

  • 510 Thread Compatibility: With its 510 thread, the Mrbald 3 is compatible with a broad range of mods and accessories, allowing you to personalize its performance to your preferences.

  • 0.5-0.7ohm Rating: The Mrbald 3 operates at an optimal resistance range of 0.5-0.7ohm, guaranteeing maximum vapor production and flavor.

  • Weighted Base: The weighted base of the Mrbald 3 offers additional stability and balance, minimizing the risk of tipping or falling over during use.


In summary, the Longmada Mrbald 3 Vape Pen is an all-in-one vaping solution that delivers uncompromising performance and versatility. From its wide range of heating chambers to its premium construction and design, the Mrbald 3 is a game-changer in the world of vaping.

Experience the difference for yourself and embrace the future of vaping with the Longmada Mrbald 3 Vape Pen today.

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