When paying with a credit card,there can be several common payment failure situations.

Here are some typical scenarios and how to solve them.

Please do not use a computer to place orders. It is recommended to use mobile payment.

    1.Billing Address Mismatch

    • Situation: The billing address you provided during checkout does not match the address associated with your credit card.
    • Solution: Double-check and enter the correct billing address during checkout. If you recently moved or your address has changed, update your credit card information with your issuer.
    2.Declined by the issuer
    • Situation: The credit card issuer suspects fraudulent activity and declines the transaction.
    • Solution: Contact your credit card issuer immediately to verify the transaction. Once they confirm your identity, you can attempt the purchase again.

      3.High risk control

      • Situation:High risk control
      • Solution:The following countries or regions cannot pay.Due to platform reasons. You need to contact us for other payment methods.

      Country or region list 

      *Mainland China,

      *Hong Kong, China

      *United States (New York, Chicago, San Diego, San Jose)

      *Australia (Canberra)














      *North Korea


      *the Philippines


      4.Unable to pay due to other reasons

      • Situation:Does not belong to the above situation
      • Solution:Contact our customer service, they will help you place an order.

      Contact information: 



      Email: longmadaru@gmail.com

      If you have paid successfully, please ignore.


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