Longmada New Round Shape CBD Vape

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Atomizer adapted battery rod

Size: 113*25.2mm

Capacity: Most of the market 1/2ml atomizer 

Surface process: paint or sticker

Heating wire: Support 0.8-2.0 Ω European conventional atomizer

Material: aluminum pipe+PC

Function introduction: bottom knob regulation

Working method: self -absorbing

Packaging method: acrylic packaging box

Without CBD  atomizer ,needs to buy by your self

Parameter: battery capacity: 320mAh

Voltage: 3.0V / 3.8V (1.8V preheating) Charging: USB-C

The power supply is turned on/off: fast continuous suction 5 times, the switching power supply is turned on or turned off, and the gear light will flash once

Preheating: Quickly continuous (within 1.5 seconds) 2 times, activating the preheating function, 1.8V work lasts for 15 seconds. When preheating, the light starts from red color gradient. After 15 seconds, the scheme board is switched to the previously selected voltage selected voltage before. Essence

Change the voltage settings: twist the bottom pressure part, from 3.0V to up to 4.2V, higher than the battery voltage, the battery is full power work

3.0V blue light, 3.2V cyan, 3.4V green, 3.6V white, 3.8V yellow, 4.0V orange, 4.2V red
When twisting the bottom pressure parts, the corresponding voltage corresponds to the corresponding color, and the changes in each two adjacent colors are gradient lights


Red Light-Charging

Green Light-Powerful

Low -voltage alarm: Red lights will flash 10 times to remind users of insufficient power, and then enter the standby state. Continue to use after charging.

Outout protection: After 10 seconds of continuous use, the red light will flash 4 times and stop working.

Overwriting/short -circuit protection: red lights flickered 3 times, and the equipment was completely closed.

The current gear light of the battery is turned off after 2 seconds, and the battery and the scheme board are divided into magnetic suction

Fast and ending at the current gear lamp at the end of smoking gradually brighten and destroy

Other protection is often used by electronic cigarettes

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