Now you have gotten e-cig out of the market, now we would discuss the way it is set up. Hold on! It is so simple to be held you'll probably enjoy it.

Now you have your own e-cigarette. For the very first look, it seems like too puzzled but don't get worried these all accessories you see that come with the kit obviously. You just have to handle safely to the parts of e-cig and learn the procedure to run it.

HOW TO CHARGE THE BATTERY: The very first step is to take out the battery and charge it completely because the kit is not already set up therefore battery could not be charged almost. Wait until it is charged fully this is how it would work smoothly.

SET UP THE PIECES TOGETHER: For setting it up and make it work, first you have to see what kind of kit you have purchased, if cartridges are already refilled then you have to just screw one of the cartomizer onto the end of the battery and you are ready to vape it. If you have gotten the refillable tank then you have to fill it firstly and then attach the battery.

TO FILL THE CARTOMIZER: Hold the cartomizer from its top, then grasp the material at a 45-degree angle. When you are going to start dripping the flavor, just keep your eyes on the sides of opening, you really do not need any liquid to enter into the air hole that is kept in center. If it’s happening, you'll be getting the flavor in next two minutes in your mouth and that's probably very worst feeling. Once you've filled it, just put the tip back on and it would be good for you. Keep a cloth along with you because the process can be a bit dirty.

MISCELLANEOUS PROCEDURE: If you until feel difficult to set it up and it’s looking quite complicated to you, you may like to handle your e-cig to some other one. Well this is not so difficult actually the parts are quite smaller and sensible to handle and one must be very much aware of its architecture.

Electronic smoking is far different than the traditional. It is kept too smoothly you must not use it roughly. Also it is necessary to keep it clean rather keep the important parts clean like refillable tank and sometimes it can also drop its flavor while keeping rudely. Also, it's important to keep things clean so that the moving parts aren't interrupted by dirt or loose e-liquid. If you are using a refillable tank, you must keep you sight on the liquid capacity. The levels should not be below ¼ because that can stop atomizer to run.


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