Mr Blad 3 herb vape review

Mr Blad 3 herb vape review

E herb the mighty’s vapor performance that grabs most buyers.

We received a latest customer feedback today, he can’t wait to share his test result of E Herb tank which were bought from longmada Co., Ltd. a week ago.

Why people would like to choose the E herb tank?


Stylish design & pure taste

The most conspicuous of E herb is its clear pyrex glass looking, smooth glass, no broken, no crack, easy disassembly, very easy to use.

Adopting true ceramic heating element, pure taste could be enjoyed. Without plastic smell or other bad smell.


Easy to load herb/wax and heating fast:

Another important part, there is ceramic heating chamber which heats and bakes herbs or wax. And With this ceramic chamber you could easily load herbs or wax. And it will be easy to clean because of its ceramic material.

The tank keeps the heat and your herbs from escaping the vaporizer so you don't have to worry about burning yourself or anything aside from your herbs.

When press the button of the battery, you will see that the coil will heat up and turn red. The atomizer in most dry herb vape pens often heat up within 5 seconds!

E herb vaporizers come equipped with a very powerful 2600mAh battery that can last through endless hours of use.

Using voltage range below 3.7V, it helps extend life time of the vaporizer. The test result shows, with 3.7V voltage, this herbal vaporizer could be used up 3000 times.

Regardless, as long as you have a USB port available, whether it be a laptop or a car charger, you can charge your vaporizer.


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